Wanneer de knappe, zelfverzekerde Raj Kishore in een periode van ongeluk belandt, sleurt hij zijn hele omgeving hierin mee. Dit leidt tot hilarische en waanzinnige situaties.

Raj Kishore, a confident handsome man who has Sade – Sati; (7 1⁄2 years long period of Saturn - Shani) in his life. His love interest is Sanjana who also suffers professionally because of Raj’s Sade Sati. Cursed in everything he does, his misfortunes don’t leave him alone, be it at his professional or personal life. Whatever he does, gets him and the people around him in major trouble. His two friends Junky & Chandu unwittingly become a part of his unfortunate but hilarious journey. Raj Kishore tries his hands in every business which turns into a disaster due to his Sade – Sati. Raj Kishore & Gang keep stumbling upon one mess to another and in this process they come across 2 Mafias, Raja Sahab & WiFi . During one such encounter, they discover a secret room with lots of world currencies neatly stacked together, they can’t believe their luck. What follows is a lavish lifestyle in which Raj Kishore & Gang start buying properties and living life to the fullest but the reality catches up fast and they discover that the money with which they bought all the properties belong to a dangerous sydicate and thus starts a game of cat and mouse and how our heroes turn the table against our villains and succeed in handing over the culprits to the legal authorities.

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